Serving Montana and Wyoming Since 1961

The Shared Values of Tri-State Truck & Equipment, Inc.


We will show respect by:

Giving maximum effort every day for our customers, each other, and Tri-State.
Being courteous, friendly, and professional in our interactions with others.
Living out the Golden Rule.
Listening to others and understanding their point of view.
Giving positive recognition for a job well done.


We will demonstrate dependability by:

Being available 24/7/365 to meet the needs of our customers.
The high quality of our work.
Achieving consistent, accurate, and timely results.
Our unselfish approach to others.
Being loyal to our customers, co-workers, family, manufacturers, and Tri-State.
Our mutual commitment to common goals.


We will run our business with integrity by:

Doing the right thing no matter how painful or expensive and expecting our business partners to do the same.
Being trustworthy to others.
Doing what we say.
Performing our work and interacting with others in a manner that builds trust.
Accepting responsibility for our actions and admitting when we are wrong.